Monday, November 28, 2011

Joelene's Beiste Of Burden

When Beauty Meets Beiste??? Well, in Glee's own way. The Fox Hit series will feature Coach Beiste performing Dolly Parton's classic song, Jolene, in an upcoming episode for Season 3. Evidently Coach Sue attempts to steal Beiste's love interest.

Glee fans, including Kristen Chenoweth have been very outspoken of how they would like to see Dolly herself as a guest star on Glee. I for one think it's a venture that Dolly would master quite well. Wouldn't you like to see Dolly on a reoccurring role with some good ole cat fights with Sue??? I know I would. But fear not, if we don't get to see such a cat fight on Glee, she and Queen Latifah have a food fight in the upcoming film, Joyful Noise.

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