Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jane Valez Mitchell: Russell Armstrong Isn't Here To Defend Himself

Kudos to Jane Valez Mitchell, host of HLN's Issues, for bringing up the fact that Russell Armstrong isn't here to defend himself as allegations against him on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are made by wife, Taylor. The depiction of Russell on the show has been that of a monster. This week's Bravo hit also shows cast member newbie, Dana, making disparaging remarks about Russell's birthday gift for his daughter, Kennedy.

Just in case you aren't aware, Russell Armstrong committed suicide in August. Since taking his life, his widow has cashed in on victim status and heightened her claims of physical abuse against the father of her daughter Kennedy. Russell's mother has constantly made the plea for both Taylor and Bravo to let her son rest in peace and asserted that Taylor isn't being honest. Upon Russell's death it was revealed that Russell was at the breaking point financially as Taylor threw lavish parties and attempted to keep up with the Jones's. Ms. Taylor Armstrong is also getting a lot of doubt this season about her abuse claims from her fellow cast mates who have found multi inconsistencies in her stories about Russell. When fellow Housewife, Lisa Vanderpump offered her a refuge in her home Taylor was hostile and declined the invite throwing even larger red flags up about her stories.

Taylor needs to close those lips (pun intended) about the deceased father of her daughter. This poor child is going to eventually see all the allegations her mother has made about her dead father and this can't be healthy. Also the disrespect Taylor has shown toward Russell's mother, friends, and family are below the belt. Sometimes it's amazing how money can heal so much hurt and bring back much memory recall.

By the way, catch Jane Valez Mitchell speaking out for victims on HLN's Issues Monday-Friday at 7PM Eastern. I love Jane and hope you will show her some love as well.

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