Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dolly, Queen Latifah Movie Soundtrack Release date announced

I'm so excited that I could spit in the fire and slap the dog because Dolly Parton is returning to the big movie screen January 10 (with Queen Latifah) in JOYFUL NOISE. The movie is heavily driven with Gospel music and co-stars teen star Keke Palmer and Broadway performer Jeremy Jordan. Kris Kristopherson plays Dolly's husband in the film who is the Church Choir director. When Kristopherson unexpectedly dies Dolly's character assumes she will inherit the role of director but the job is given to Latifah. The two rub each other the wrong way and we even get to see a big cat fight/food fight between the ladies!! As the Gospel Show choir fights obstacles like budget cuts and personal issues the film brings everyone together in the end. A Gospelized Glee of a sort??? Dolly Parton and Gospel Music on the big screen with the added pleasure of seeing her and Latifah at odds screams MUST SEE!

Adding a personal touch for me is that my friend Karen Peck, a Southern Gospel music star has a cameo and musical performance in the film, singing Mighty High. Urban Christian artist Kirk Franklin also makes a musical cameo in the film. The soundtrack track listing for the movie was released Sunday and may be viewed at . I see that Dolly performs on at least 4 of tracks and has written songs that will appear in the movie. One of Parton's compositions, the first single, He's Everything, is available now through digital outlet stores and features Dolly, Latifah, Jeremy Jordan and Keke Palmer with an incredible Gospel Choir..

I was able to sit in on some of the performances during the filming of the movie and Mervyn Warren, the music director for the film created an incredible soundtrack that Gospel fans are going to love. Warren is also responsible for the soundtracks of Sister Act and one I'm particularly fond of, The Preacher's Wife (which features Whitney Houston performing my adopted Mom, Dottie Rambo's tune I Go To The Rock).

Mark your calendar to see the movie and pick up the soundtrack on January 10 so Hollywood knows that we would like to see Dolly Parton on the big screen more often as well as Gospel Music and family films. From the bit I've witnessed in person I can tell you that, Joyful Noise, is one dog that will run!

Hopefully they will come up with a great movie poster that features the cast's photos. The current image being used to promote the film has no photos of it's stars included and if I were unaware of the film and passed it in the cinema lobby I doubt it would make me want to see it. Sure don't want to see this film not reach it's potential audience.

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