Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Captain Passes Polygraph-Latest in Natalie Wood Death Reports

Captain Davern passed a lie detector test concerning the night Natalie Wood died. The Captain claims that Robert Wagoner had silenced him. The case, originally ruled as accidental death, was reopened last week. Howard Temple, who administered the polygraph, tells the Huffington Post that "there was no question that he [Davern] was being up-front and straight".

Evidently Davern allowed him self to be tested for many long hours while writing his book, Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendor, in 2008. The Captain has maintained he didn't see the drowning of Natalie Wood, but heard all the commotion surrounding the events.

Robert Wagoner will eventually have to have a more detailed "Heart To Heart" (oh yes, I went there, bad, bad, bad boy) about the death of his former movie star wife. Lets all hope that this family can find some closure and that there was no cover up involving this young beautiful life, taken so prematurely. Wagoner has lived with ghosts of suspicion surrounding him for the past three decades.

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