Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dolly's Better Day Tour Will Be Live DVD

Australia's The Herald Sun is reporting that Dolly Parton has filmed a live DVD from her first three concerts in Melbourne. I hope our friends down under are correct as this concert tour has been her best since the 1990's (with exception to her acoustic tour for album, Halos and Horns). The highlight of this stage show is Dolly covering Tina Turner's River Deep Mountain High. I promise you that you have never seen Dolly move or work the stage the way she does during her Tina Turner homage. Rapping about Queen Latifah, her costar in the upcoming film, Joyful Noise, is another bright spark. Of course you have all your Dolly favorites with the perfect mix of her most recent material.

If you don't LOVE Dolly Parton, then face it, you're in the minority. You'll never meet a more talented performer with a heart of gold as this angelic lady. I can't shout this enough, "I've never met a woman who is more beautiful than she physically"! Her smile is brighter than her many rhinestoned costumes.

Speaking of Dolly's smile, she has a lot to be smiling about. The International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions awarded Dollywood with two trophies at their Brass Ring Awards. Dolly's theme park holds the honor of the most awards from the trade organization, bringing their total to 20.

Buy Dolly's latest album, Better Day (my review to come later) now. Or purchase the digital version at itunes along with her Gospel single, He's Everything, the first release from her upcoming movie, Joyful Noise. And visit the greatest source for Dolly news .

(Photo-Dolly and I Better Day Tour, Biloxi, Mississippi)

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