Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rocker Jack White Brings John C. Reilly To The Country Music World!

Jack White is known for unusual pairings in the recording studio but this one is a bit odd. Actor, John C. Reilly has recorded two singles with the rocker. Supposedly the singles include pedal steel and some country crooning. It would be great if Jack would put as much effort into legit Country artists and give them a bigger audience and sh---bang! Can you imagine how inthusing an album with Jack and T. Graham Brown would be?

Was I the only person who didn't care for Reilly's movie, Walk Hard?

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Tim McGraw Wins 1st Legal Round With Curb

Tim McGraw is now free to look for a new record label in order to record his music. A Nashville court lifted the injunction from Curb Records (whom McGraw has recorded for the past few decades), making Tim free to record elsewhere as the lawsuit with Curb continues.

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Keith's New TV Venture

A new version of the hit music competition show, The Voice, will be airing in Australia. Keith Urban, Seal, Delta Goodrem will be celebrity judges. Blake Shelton's career sure has taken off gangbusters since he joined the cast of the American version. Maybe the Australian version will make it to the US in reruns.

Speaking of Blake Shelton, you gotta read his tweets, the man is certifiably crazy. The good kind!

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LeAnn Rime's TIme To Talk....

Country Stars Central recently had an indepth chat with LeAnn Rimes! LeAnn opens up about the judgmental gossip toward her personal life, brand new album “Lady & Gentlemen,” her desire to start a family of her own, the pros and cons of being a child star, a very special message to her fans and much more!

LeAnn is one of the most personable Country Stars of today. The way she treats her fans and her public, make many of her Country cousins look BAD.

Naturally, there is a lot going around about her marriage and the affair she had with her now husband. However, after watching Brandi on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you can see why Eddie wanted a way out!!!

Mindy McCready Needs A Sky Full Of Angels To Put Her Back Together

Update!!!!! Mindy's pregnant with twins. Poor kids.

I was a huge fan of the Sky Full Of Angels, singing star when she had her first few hits. Shortly after success, Mindy McCready, sorta fell out with a lot of people in Nashville. From neighbors, to labels, boyfriends, to name some. Then later domestic voiolence, alcohol, drug rumors, a sex tape, and Celebrity Rehab. YIKES. Lindsay Lohan has nothing on Mindy McCready....well maybe youth and an hour glass figure......

Anyway..Mindy's people released the following statement. SCARY!

Mindy McCready--UpdateStatement from Kat Atwood/Music City News Media,publicity representative for Mindy McCready.NASHVILLE, Tenn (November 30, 2011)--In regard to the misleading "missing reports" surrounding Mindy McCreadyand her son, Zander:McCready and son are safe, healthy and comfortable.

No Amber Alert has been issued; this is not a missing child case. Ms.McCready has not been charged with illegal wrongdoings. Ms. McCready'snumber one priority has always been, and continues to be, the safety ofher son. The 5-year old boy has been with his mother for more than 30days; law enforcement officials spoke with the child and saw Zander viaskype yesterday.

Ms. McCready has been awaiting an order following recent court hearingswhich concluded on November 4, 2011 regarding whether her child could bereturned to her, and if not, whether he (Zander) would continue in thecare of her mother, Gayle Inge [NOTE: Ms. McCready is currently involvedin litigation with Ms. Inge surrounding Inge's false statements as published by the National Enquirer.]

Since, at least January, 2011, Ms. McCready has been desperately advisingthe court, and others involved in the Ft. Myers, Florida proceedings, thatZander is in danger, both physically and emotionally, at Inge's home. Asa direct result of being a mother (not an actress, not a singer), Ms.McCready took action to ensure her son's safety.

She is encouraging a discovery investigation at this time. Mindyappreciates sentiments of interest, thoughts and prayers, and looksforward to a final, truthful resolution.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011


For some reason Joan Rivers, has never really gotten her due in show business. To this day, Joan, is one of the most relevant comics on the stage. Her humor, brass, her fashion sense amazing, who wouldn't want to be entertained by the sometimes foul mouthed comedic legend?

I'm giving a big ole Mr. Nashville Rhinestone of a post to readers as Joan delivers the tweet of the day with this posting:

"Everyone is happy that Conrad Murray was sentenced to four years in prison, except for other inmates suffering from insomnia."--Joan Rivers

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Kid Rock, Vince Gill Give Back

Vince Gill donated 12,000 to the Oklahoma Music Hall Of Fame for a special children's exhibit. The exhibit will be held in an old railroad caboose.

Kid Rock raises over $375,000 for local charities on his current Club tour in promotion of his new single, Care, which appears on his new CD, Born Free. What's even better is that Kid has a few more dates left on the tour so more charities will benefit from his gratitude.

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Skaggs Drummer, Tom Roady, Dies On Tour Bus

Some very sad news for our friend, Ricky Skaggs. While on his latest Christmas tour, Tom Roady, Skaggs's drummer died on the tour bus of what is believed to have been a heart attack. The drummer had played for legendary acts like James Brown, Art Garfunkel, Wilson Pickett, and Emmylou Harris. Skaggs also told the press that Roady had been fighting stomach cancer for the last five years.

The band had pulled into a Hampton Inn, in Clemson, SC. After members checked into the hotel, they attempted to awake Roady, but he was not responsive.

Skaggs and the band went ahead with their show and bravely shared with the crowd, "Our good friend Tom Roady has gone to Glory".

I wish the Ricky Skaggs Kentucky Thunder Band along with the family of Tom Roady well and I'm keeping them covered in prayer. Hope that you will too. Ricky,and his wife, Sharon White, are great friends and amazing Christian people.

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Carol Channing To Light Palm Springs Christmas Tree

The city of Palm Springs will light its 22-foot “green” Christmas Tree at 5:15 p.m. Thursday at Frances Stevens Park, 555 N. Palm Canyon Drive.

Legendary entertainer Carol Channing will be on hand to help with the lighting. Attendees will be treated to hot chocolate, cookies, caroling and an appearance by Santa Claus at 5 p.m..

All are encouraged to bring canned food items to donate for a food drive.

Carol's two latest projects would make the perfect Christmas Gifts for family. Her gospel cd (as seen on Wendy Williams, Joy Behar, The View, Hannity and many other programs), For Heaven's Sake is in stores now as well as digital outlets. Her newest Patriotic album, True To The Red, White, and Blue is also on itunes. Or you can visit or


Reba Celebrates Tour's End, Heading to Malibu Country in 2012

Reba McEntire and The Band Perry's thirty date concert tour recently came to a close. The Fancy star and country trio celebrated with a festive costume party to get into the Christmas spirit.

As the year comes to an end, Reba has big plans for 2012. The ABC network will launch Reba's new sitcom, Malibu Country, next fall. The show will have Reba married to another country singer who cheats on her, which causes the star to move to Malibu as a way to distract herself from Nashville nay-sayers. The Fancy star, has proven that she can pull off such a series as her former self titled sitcom was the highest rated on the now defunct WB Network.

To me, Reba's one firey redhead that proves she can pull off a heavy work load and adapt with the times. Whether you enjoy Ms. McEntire's music or not, you can't deny she has stayed relevant with the public and country music audience.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Goodbye Joy!

Goodbye Joy! I really hate to see, The Joy Behar Show, canceled after it's two year run on HLN. Unlike most television interviewers Joy actually asks questions the public would like to know. If your favorite celebrity is on Joy's show you won't be hearing the same repeat questions that are asked on their media junket.

No reason was given as to why HLN canceled the show. Joy is the second highest rated show on HLN, coming in behind Nancy Grace. Though in cable news ratings, Bill O'reilly's The Factor, dominates the time slot.

I've had the pleasure of working with Joy and really love her show. Though I don't agree with how heavy handed she is with politics, I found her to be a very interesting interviewer. Personally, I think entertainment and politics don't mix so well.

Joy will remain a co-host on The View, unless someone knows something I don't. If so, do tell.

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Joelene's Beiste Of Burden

When Beauty Meets Beiste??? Well, in Glee's own way. The Fox Hit series will feature Coach Beiste performing Dolly Parton's classic song, Jolene, in an upcoming episode for Season 3. Evidently Coach Sue attempts to steal Beiste's love interest.

Glee fans, including Kristen Chenoweth have been very outspoken of how they would like to see Dolly herself as a guest star on Glee. I for one think it's a venture that Dolly would master quite well. Wouldn't you like to see Dolly on a reoccurring role with some good ole cat fights with Sue??? I know I would. But fear not, if we don't get to see such a cat fight on Glee, she and Queen Latifah have a food fight in the upcoming film, Joyful Noise.

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Did Piggy Really Out-diva GAGA???

Lady Gaga and Katy Perry both had cameo appearances in the new Muppet movie. The film which brought in over 40 million dollars for it's debut. Muppert Producer/Writer, Clint Morris, says the pop divas were cut as the movie was over 3 hours long and needed trimming for it's theatrical release.

What do you think? DVD bonus features?

Rumor is the scene with Lady Gaga was a diva stand off between her and Miss Piggy. Well, it looks like Piggy is the divasist of them all. Look who made the film and who didn't? Oink oink.

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Tim McGraw Legal Woes

I have been wondering if Tim McGraw had given up on his recording career for movies! Now, I know why he may have been pursuing more acting roles instead of throwing himself into new music. It seems that McGraw and his record label are engaged in some legal warfare.

Last May, Mike Curb, owner of Curb Records, sued McGraw. The record head alleges that Tim turned in his album, Emotional Life, prematurely. A counter suit was filed for involuntary servitude, by releasing multiple Greatest Hits albums and therefore prolonging Tim's contract.

The latest saga in Tim and Mike Curb's legal wresting match will be tomorrow in Nashville's Davidson County Court. If all goes well Tim may know if he is able to record new music for another competing label.

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Trace Adkins Rebuilds Home, Hosts ACA's

Trace Adkins is rebuilding the home he and his family lost to fire nearly half a year ago. The country super star told Taste Of Country, that he and his wife, Rhonda, would build a family style home, not a mansion. Mr. Adkins will also host the Amercian Country Awards next month.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Keith Urban Vocal Surgery A Success

Keith Urban's vocal surgery is said to be a success and the singer is on vocal rest. Urban can't speak for three weeks after the removal of the polyp from his vocal cord. I hope Nicole is making sure his every need is met so he can be as comfortable as possible. I know some fans that will be excited for Keith to start serenading them soon.

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tina Turner Turns 72 Today!

Happy 72nd Birthday To Tina Turner. The Queen Of Rock N Roll. Check out this recent photo of Tina and you can tell she still looks good. I don't think Rock N Roll has witnessed any female musical explosion like that of Tina Turner. So "Show Some Respect"!

Country Music Blooms Auction

Country Music Blooms Online Auction to benefit the Nashville Music Garden is currently in process. Martina McBride has meet and greet concert packages, Leann Rimes donated a dress she wore on a Christmas special, Kenny Chesney sent an autographed hat, and many others. So if you want to help beautiful the beautiful, Nashville Music Garden and Hall Of Fame Park area, while having a Country Music memento start bidding. For a list of items for auction head on over to .

If you stroll down to this area please take a moment to welcome Dottie Rambo's new star.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Elvis Presley was one of the biggest cheerleaders that Gospel Music has ever known. Now Elvis's gospel influence is going to be the subject of a 3 million dollar Indie film from Nashville's City Of Peace Films. The film will star Ryan Pelton, a real life Elvis Tribute artist. The film, Identical, is one of four movie projects being made about Elvis.

It's nice to see the Gospel side of Elvis being brought to the big screen. From what I have heard from Elvis's close personal friends, Gospel Music, was really the love of his life. Hopefully people will get to see a side to the legendary musical star that has yet to be seen in a dramatic work.

CSC Makes Presentation to Leann Rimes

Our Chicago friend, Christian, over at Country Stars Central recently presented Leann Rimes with a framed cover of their feature. Make sure to visit for incredible interviews with Country Music's legends and current stars.

Check it out, Mr. Nashville does. By the way, Christian, knows who gave me the name, "Mr. Nashville". Maybe one day he'll do a feature on our blog and we'll fill you in.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Rocky Balboa Headed To The Great White Way????

You can't deny the success of Sylvestor Stallone's Rocky. Do you think Mr. Balboa will be able to score a "TKO" with a Broadway Musical version of the epic film? I'm not sure how the film will translate to The Great White Way, but who knows?

Stallone, who not only starred in the original film but also wrote it, approached Thomas Meehan and Barbara Darwall about adapting the film for a Broadway Musical. Meehan has been behind hits such as Hairspray, The Producers, and Annie. Tony Award winning composers, Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty, of Rag Time fame will be writing the score. We'll have to wait and see about this one.

Personally, my favorite Stallone film would be Rinestone! After all, I'm so Nashville.

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New Muppets Film Gets Thumbs Up From Mr. Nashville

Took my Mr. Nashville Jrs #1 & #2 to see the new Muppet movie and it is a must see. As a die hard Muppet fan, this film was well worth the wait. I really hope this will spark some sequels.

Unlike some of the more recent Muppet ventures, this film is true the originals. Lots of music, lots of fun jokes, celebrity cameos, and of course, MISS PIGGY!!

Now, I, Mr. Nashville, have always wanted to see a "Muppets Take Nashville" film. Dolly Parton could be the celebrity star, lots of country music stars could cameo. My favorite Muppet film was
Muppets Take Manhattan", so lets do one with some sparkle and twang. Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Reba McEntire, Loretta Lynn, could be fun!

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Happy Thanksgiving From Mr. Nashville!

Singer Tracy Lawrence helps feed homeless

Check out this video of Singer Tracy Lawrence helps feed homeless: (11/23/11) - Country music singer Tracy Lawrence and the Salvation Army are helping to once again feed the needy of Music City this Thanksgiving.

Tracy's a nice guy but this makes us a little more "thankful" to know he's this caring for those less fortunate. Happy Thanksgiving Mr. Lawrence from Mr. Nashville!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Prospect Park drops AMC and OLTL Web Series

Production company, Prospect Park, will not move forward with the web versions of All My Children or One Life To Live. "After five months of negotiations with various guilds, hundreds of presentations to potential financial and technology partners, and a hope that we could pioneer a new network for the future, it is with great disappointment that we are suspending our aspirations to revive 'One Life to Live' and 'All My Children' via online distribution," says reps for Prospect Park.

ABC, canceled the two soaps last April. The replacement for All My Children, The Chew, which I affectionately refer to as "the shew", continues with low ratings, but is a less expensive show to produce according to reports.

It's a shame that Fox, doesn't pick up these soaps as they have the perfect audience for such a venture and no original daytime programs. Just how many judge shows do we really need? Oprah!!!! You should rethink your decision to not pick up the legendary Soaps for OWN! The soaps have a built in audience and your network's ratings are tanking, sounds like a perfect solution. I'm sure she reads this blog, don't yall think?

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Captain Passes Polygraph-Latest in Natalie Wood Death Reports

Captain Davern passed a lie detector test concerning the night Natalie Wood died. The Captain claims that Robert Wagoner had silenced him. The case, originally ruled as accidental death, was reopened last week. Howard Temple, who administered the polygraph, tells the Huffington Post that "there was no question that he [Davern] was being up-front and straight".

Evidently Davern allowed him self to be tested for many long hours while writing his book, Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendor, in 2008. The Captain has maintained he didn't see the drowning of Natalie Wood, but heard all the commotion surrounding the events.

Robert Wagoner will eventually have to have a more detailed "Heart To Heart" (oh yes, I went there, bad, bad, bad boy) about the death of his former movie star wife. Lets all hope that this family can find some closure and that there was no cover up involving this young beautiful life, taken so prematurely. Wagoner has lived with ghosts of suspicion surrounding him for the past three decades.

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Pat Robertson: Mac and Cheese A Black Thing?

Pat Robertson wants to know if mac and cheese is "a black thing"? Really? He's never heard of white folks eating mac and cheese? Though I don't particularly care for it, mac and cheese has always been a staple in my house and most homes of my pale face friends. Pat must not have heard of Paula Deen. Guess what Pat? This white boy likes fried chicken and water melon too.

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Twilight to Thigh-light-Some Go To Far!!!

I feel so badly for the tattoo artist who had to create this "Thigh-Light" disaster-piece. I doubt they will ever be able to pass cottage cheese at the supermarket without getting nauseous.

What about you?

Indiana Fair Victims Name Sugarland In Lawsuit

Country duo, Sugarland is named in a lawsuit by 44 survivors and the families of the 4 fatal victims from the Indiana State Fair Stage Collapse. Pretty much everyone involved with the concert that night is named within the suit.

The plantiff's attorney, Mario Massillamany, says that Sugarland's contract said that the duo had final say on whether to cancel the concert due to weather.

I assume all involved had insurance and hopefully this can be resolved in a way that is fair to the victims.

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Dolly's Better Day Tour Will Be Live DVD

Australia's The Herald Sun is reporting that Dolly Parton has filmed a live DVD from her first three concerts in Melbourne. I hope our friends down under are correct as this concert tour has been her best since the 1990's (with exception to her acoustic tour for album, Halos and Horns). The highlight of this stage show is Dolly covering Tina Turner's River Deep Mountain High. I promise you that you have never seen Dolly move or work the stage the way she does during her Tina Turner homage. Rapping about Queen Latifah, her costar in the upcoming film, Joyful Noise, is another bright spark. Of course you have all your Dolly favorites with the perfect mix of her most recent material.

If you don't LOVE Dolly Parton, then face it, you're in the minority. You'll never meet a more talented performer with a heart of gold as this angelic lady. I can't shout this enough, "I've never met a woman who is more beautiful than she physically"! Her smile is brighter than her many rhinestoned costumes.

Speaking of Dolly's smile, she has a lot to be smiling about. The International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions awarded Dollywood with two trophies at their Brass Ring Awards. Dolly's theme park holds the honor of the most awards from the trade organization, bringing their total to 20.

Buy Dolly's latest album, Better Day (my review to come later) now. Or purchase the digital version at itunes along with her Gospel single, He's Everything, the first release from her upcoming movie, Joyful Noise. And visit the greatest source for Dolly news .

(Photo-Dolly and I Better Day Tour, Biloxi, Mississippi)

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sherrie Austin Hopes To Unbuckle The Bible Belt

A decade ago Country Music Aussie (pre Urban and post Olivia), Sherrie Austin seemed to slip away from Country Music airwaves. Now the singer/songwriter is returning to her recording career and co-stars in a new Sundance Channel television series. The reality series will pair Austin with her gay best friend, singer/songwriter Shane Stevens (penned Lady Antebellum's American Honey), alongside 3 other straight women and their gay best friends. The show, Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys, was filmed in Nashville and airs on Friday nights at 9PM. Austin says that she wants to "unbuckle the Bible belt".

Nashville, Gay, and Country Music as a combination have also been discussed through singer Chely Wright who appeared on HLN's Joy Behar Show. Wright stated that most of her Nashville friends hadn't been as supportive of her since coming out of the closet as a lesbian last year. Wright has been billed as the "First Openly Gay Country Music Star" but I say you can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear, and there's no mistaking K.D. Lang fit the title long before her. Chely's also the subject of a documentary film, Wish Me Away, making it's film festival circuit rounds.

What are your thoughts about all this recent discussion and will you plan to watch Sherrie's new TV series?

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Madea's recipe for "Churkey" and "Tanksgiving" Wishes

Even though we'd love to smack some sense into Tyler Perry for adding to the Kardashian overkill by casting Kim in his upcoming movie, The Marriage Counselor, we had to share Madea's "Tanksgiving" wishes with yall.

What a coinky dink for Kim to be starring in her second film with pop star, Brandy. You may remember her first starring role was alongside Brandy's brother Ray J, in the sextape that made her into a the gal she is today.

I can't lie, I will probably always see anything produced by Tyler Perry, but I hope he isn't trying to Keep Up With The Kardashians much longer.

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Michelle Bachman Dissed While Guesting On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Congresswoman and Republican Presidential hopeful, Michelle Bachmann has been the butt of many jokes on the late chat show circuit before, but did Late Night with Jimmy Fallon go over the line? Democratic Congresswoman, Nita Lowey thinks so.

Bachmann stopped by Fallon's late night show to promote her new book, Core of Conviction: My Story. As the Congresswoman was welcomed by Fallon, the show's house band, Roots, chose Fishbone's song, Lyin Ass Bitch, as her entrance music. Thankfully the band chose to sing, "la, la, la, la", versus the original lyrics that are so dirty Momma would have to use the whole bottle of Palmolive to wash that mouth out!

Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson, Roots's drummer, says the song selection was "tongue in cheek", even though he is a devout Obama supporter. Can you imagine what the reaction would be if this musical cue was played for say......Hilary Clinton???? I think we'd hear some uproar. Though I think we all might chuckle, just a tiny bit if it were played for say, Maxine Waters. (eye brows raised, scandalous grin, and a chuckle from moi).

NY-D Representative Nita Lowey says the song choice was "sexist". She issued the following statement, “I do not share Michele Bachmann’s politics but she deserves to be treated with respect. No female politician — and no woman — should be subjected to sexist and offensive innuendo like she was last night.”

Personally, I think very little is off limits when it comes to comedy but this would only be funny if Bachmann was "in" on the joke. Infringing a diss to a guest on your show is close to a form of bullying, especially since Thompson sent a tweet to his followers to tune in for the song and look the lyrics up. Fallon's folks should keep the funny coming but be a little more responsible next time.

Who do you think will get the Grand Ole Party's nomination?

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Jane Valez Mitchell: Russell Armstrong Isn't Here To Defend Himself

Kudos to Jane Valez Mitchell, host of HLN's Issues, for bringing up the fact that Russell Armstrong isn't here to defend himself as allegations against him on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are made by wife, Taylor. The depiction of Russell on the show has been that of a monster. This week's Bravo hit also shows cast member newbie, Dana, making disparaging remarks about Russell's birthday gift for his daughter, Kennedy.

Just in case you aren't aware, Russell Armstrong committed suicide in August. Since taking his life, his widow has cashed in on victim status and heightened her claims of physical abuse against the father of her daughter Kennedy. Russell's mother has constantly made the plea for both Taylor and Bravo to let her son rest in peace and asserted that Taylor isn't being honest. Upon Russell's death it was revealed that Russell was at the breaking point financially as Taylor threw lavish parties and attempted to keep up with the Jones's. Ms. Taylor Armstrong is also getting a lot of doubt this season about her abuse claims from her fellow cast mates who have found multi inconsistencies in her stories about Russell. When fellow Housewife, Lisa Vanderpump offered her a refuge in her home Taylor was hostile and declined the invite throwing even larger red flags up about her stories.

Taylor needs to close those lips (pun intended) about the deceased father of her daughter. This poor child is going to eventually see all the allegations her mother has made about her dead father and this can't be healthy. Also the disrespect Taylor has shown toward Russell's mother, friends, and family are below the belt. Sometimes it's amazing how money can heal so much hurt and bring back much memory recall.

By the way, catch Jane Valez Mitchell speaking out for victims on HLN's Issues Monday-Friday at 7PM Eastern. I love Jane and hope you will show her some love as well.

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Twang's The Thang At Obama's White House Country Celebration!

If wishes were horses beggars would ride, right? Well, I'm sure a lot of country music fans would like to have a private, star studded, Country Music performance in their home. I know one family who did. The First Family to be exact. Yesiree, President and First Lady Obama celebrated "The History Of Country Music" with performances by Lyle Lovett, Kris Kristofferson, and Darius Rucker. The concert will air on PBS at a later time.

This isn't the first time The Obamas have welcomed Country Music to the Executive Mansion. In 2009, Alison Krause, Charley Pride, and Brad Paisley served up some twang for a similar event.

"Country music can be about love. It can be about heartache. It can sing sad times, or it can yell out that I'm just here having a good time." The President said.

President and First Lady Obama should let me plan the next Country Music event for them! Better yet, the President should attend a performance of the Grand Ole Opry. If he makes that trip to Nashville we can overlook the fact that he didn't come see during our tragic flood of 2010.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Ellen Barkin Disses Taylor Swift on Watch What Happens!

While playing a word association game on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, Ellen Barkin, (who looked very drunk--just sayin!) dissed Taylor Swift. The actress immediately replied with the word "autotune" when the singer's name was used in the game. What's more odd is Barkin had positive words for Jennifer Lopez. Ok??? Maybe it was the booze talking but surely Ellen doesn't think JLO isn't one of autotunes biggest fans. For shame Ellen, leave our little Taylor Tot alone!

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Chelsea Handler Goes To Far With XRated Question for Piggy

Miss Piggy was a guest of Chelsea Handler tonight on Chelsea Lately. I for one love any excuse to watch Miss Piggy but feel that Chelsea went to far out of school with the childhood icon. Handler asked Piggy if her relationship with Kermit involved any penetration. Piggy seemed to dodge the question when Handler then asked if she would consider penetration with the show's sidekick Chewie. Handler isn't at fault here but Disney shouldn't have scheduled Piggy to go on a show like Handler's known for adult humor. Would Disney let Mickey Mouse answer such a question? They should be a little more careful with the legacy of Jim Henson don't ya think?

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Bev Housewives, Taylor and Those Lips Must Go

Loving Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Though I'm not crazy about Brandi lets hope she is being eased in to replace Taylor! I think the way she handled her husband/father of her child's suicide was above sickening. Tonight, seeing Russell's image further exploited in order to make her shine just turned my "innerds". Taylor's Beverly Hills Hoe Down had to set Russell into even more financial strain. Whatever she is inflating her lips with should be outlawed. It's scary looking.

I'm hoping that Dana isn't being brought on to become a regular cast member. If so she seems more fitting for The Real Housewives of Little Rock, Arkansas. Bravo

Andy Cohen needs to create the Real Housewives of Nashville! Rhinestones, Religion, and Really Big Hair!!

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Channing Film Gets Honor As She Releases New Music!

Carol Channing gets some love from St. Louis, MO. Director, Dori Berinstein's film, Carol Channing: Larger Than Life, was awarded Best Documentary Feature by the 20th annual St. Louis International Film Festival. I'm still upset that the Nashville Film Festival didn't show this docufilm on my favorite Broadway Baby! They lost themselves a little blessin'!

I was present while much of the documentary was filmed on location so you can only imagine how anxious I am to see Carol's story displayed on the big screen. Carol and her husband Harry Kullijian are dear friends. I'm so proud of the work that they are doing to try and get arts education back into public schools. It's just as important as Science. Studies show students do better in academics when exposed to the arts yet cutbacks take the arts away each year til our kids are nearly unexposed to them.

Aside from winning the film festival honor Carol has more reasons to celebrate as people seem to love her Gospel Music album, For Heaven's Sake. A follow up recording is soon to hit retail, True To The Red White and Blue, which includes guest appearances with Country Soul Star, T. Graham Brown, and Hee Haw's Lulu Roman. You can purchase both For Heaven's Sake or True To The Red White and Blue on itunes.

True to the Red, White, and Blue Track Listing:
1. Dear Old Glory, 2. God Bless America, 3. Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree (Duet with Country Star T. Graham Brown), 4. Amazing Grace, 5. Before The Parade Passes By, 6. Over There, 7. George M. Cohan Medley (Yankee Doodle Dandy/Grand Ole Flag), 8. St. Louis Blues, 9. America The Beautiful, 10. His Eye Is On The Sparrow (with Special Guest Lulu Roman), 11. Battle Hymn Of The Republic

By the way, don't you wish Hollywood would let us see more legends like Miss Channing on the BIG SCREEN again?

12 Amy Winehouse Tunes Will Never Be Released

Before her tragic death soulful rock singer, Amy Winehouse ordered 12 tracks she had recorded to never be released. Island Records UK says that they will honor Amy's wishes but exec Ted Cockle says one song, Procastinate, would have been a hit! Amy's posthumous album, Lioness: Hidden Treasures, will go on sale on December 5.

It's such a shame to loose anyone this young and with the talent and energy as Winehouse. I must admit I didn't pay as much attention to her music until after her tragic death. Once I did I realized just how brilliant she was. In a music world that sometimes sounds like sound effects and technology on acid it's sad an artist with incredible raw, personal music left us.

By the way, what do you think of this photo of Amy? Simply beautiful I must say! Though, this Nashville boy thinks tatoos on women is a major turn off, I love any gal's hair that you could hide a shotgun in. The higher the hair the better.

Are you going to check out Amy's Lioness: Hidden Treasures?


Bruce Springsteen To Tour 2012

Mr. Bruce Springsteen has announced that he will tour in 2012 and release his schedule soon. This will be the first tour since the death of his saxophone player Clarence Clemmons. Will you catch one of the Boss's shows?

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Alan Mercer's Hollywood Blog A Must Read!

Check out Hollywood photographer, Alan Mercer's blog this week with crooner Luca Ellis and view his fab photography skills like the picture posted to the left. While there you can view past blogs with Jane Lynch, Jackee' Harry, Mamie Van Doren, Carol Channing, Wanda Jackson, Greg Allman and more. Go here

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dolly, Queen Latifah Movie Soundtrack Release date announced

I'm so excited that I could spit in the fire and slap the dog because Dolly Parton is returning to the big movie screen January 10 (with Queen Latifah) in JOYFUL NOISE. The movie is heavily driven with Gospel music and co-stars teen star Keke Palmer and Broadway performer Jeremy Jordan. Kris Kristopherson plays Dolly's husband in the film who is the Church Choir director. When Kristopherson unexpectedly dies Dolly's character assumes she will inherit the role of director but the job is given to Latifah. The two rub each other the wrong way and we even get to see a big cat fight/food fight between the ladies!! As the Gospel Show choir fights obstacles like budget cuts and personal issues the film brings everyone together in the end. A Gospelized Glee of a sort??? Dolly Parton and Gospel Music on the big screen with the added pleasure of seeing her and Latifah at odds screams MUST SEE!

Adding a personal touch for me is that my friend Karen Peck, a Southern Gospel music star has a cameo and musical performance in the film, singing Mighty High. Urban Christian artist Kirk Franklin also makes a musical cameo in the film. The soundtrack track listing for the movie was released Sunday and may be viewed at . I see that Dolly performs on at least 4 of tracks and has written songs that will appear in the movie. One of Parton's compositions, the first single, He's Everything, is available now through digital outlet stores and features Dolly, Latifah, Jeremy Jordan and Keke Palmer with an incredible Gospel Choir..

I was able to sit in on some of the performances during the filming of the movie and Mervyn Warren, the music director for the film created an incredible soundtrack that Gospel fans are going to love. Warren is also responsible for the soundtracks of Sister Act and one I'm particularly fond of, The Preacher's Wife (which features Whitney Houston performing my adopted Mom, Dottie Rambo's tune I Go To The Rock).

Mark your calendar to see the movie and pick up the soundtrack on January 10 so Hollywood knows that we would like to see Dolly Parton on the big screen more often as well as Gospel Music and family films. From the bit I've witnessed in person I can tell you that, Joyful Noise, is one dog that will run!

Hopefully they will come up with a great movie poster that features the cast's photos. The current image being used to promote the film has no photos of it's stars included and if I were unaware of the film and passed it in the cinema lobby I doubt it would make me want to see it. Sure don't want to see this film not reach it's potential audience.

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AMA Recap- Taylor Did Nashville Proud!

The AMA's brought a fair round of current music hit makers together and created an entertaining show. Taylor Swift was the Queen of the night and did Nashville proud winning the highest honor of the evening, Artist Of The Year. This young lady I think has lasting power and knows how to market herself while staying grounded. I've had the honor to attend parties with Taylor, met her several times, and she is just as lovely in person.

Another Nashville shout goes out to Lady Antebellum. I know Hillary's momma, Linda Davis was all smiles, like the rest of us seeing Lady A take home Favorite Country Band.

Kelly Clarkson looked amazing in a red evening gown though most of my friends disagree.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez looked like a dashing couple. Their throw back to Hollywood glamour should be a guide for celebrities today. Selena should take her gum out next time she's presenting on stage though but made up for chewing by being the beautiful wholesome gal she is.

Katy Perry looked like she hired Judy Jetson to be her stylist for the evening. AHHH and then there's Nicki Minaj who I believe had her stylist go to Rupaul's yard sale for the wig and dress she wore. Sad thing is, it was a step up from most of the Super Bass star's past fashion choices.

Chris Brown shown everyone he is the ultimate performer. Ludacris, well, he rocked out with a guest spot during Enrique Iglesias's performance. And who could not love the hilarious cameos Justin Bieber and David Hasselfoff made during LMFAO's performance of Party Rockers In The Hous Tonight/I'm Sexy and I Know It?

Someone may want to go see if is still on the AMA stage because I don't believe she ever left it for the entire show. I neveJennifer Lopezr got more tired of seeing one person on an award show in all my life. It was almost as if JLO thought that no one would notice her on a galloping horse. If they had aired one of her many commercials during the breaks I think it would drive a preacher to cuss.

It was great to see Lionel Ritchie presenting on the show and it would have been more nice to have seen legends like him used on the show. I think it would be incredible for the show to add some sort of Lifetime Achievement Honor during the show so we could see folks like Aerosmith, Cher, Tina Turner, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, or Aretha Franklin. Maybe a legend from the Pop world and Country world. The genre of Country Music wasn't featured much.

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Alabama's Reuniting for 2012 Tour!

Alabama will reunite for a small tour in 2012. BEWARE if the tour lands in your city you will probably be able to hear female screams of excitement from anywhere in town. Maybe Brad Paisley getting the boys together for his song, Old Alabama, sparked interest in the guys to rekindle their musical kinship. Now get out there and play us some mountain music like Grandma and Grandpa used to play.


Look Out! (Literally) Terri Clark's Coming

Terri Clark will be touring in promotion of her new LP, Roots and Wings. The tour will be an acoustic/unplugged set. I had the pleasure of being knocked down once by Terri at a Nashville event when she wasn't paying attention to where she was walking. Such a lady, she didn't even apologive. Go figure (shoulders shrugged). She is a real hasse and stout cowgirl but I do remember she did have beautiful eyes. Hope her tour is a great success and she looks where she is going when walking!


Keith Urban To Undergow Major Throat Surgery

Keith Urban has revealed that he will have to have a polyp removed from his vocal chords but expects the surgery to go well and has faith in the advanced technology and medical benefits involving the surgery. Prayers go up for Keith and a speedy recovery after the surgery. From my experiences with Mr. Urban I find him to be a very kind man and true gentlemen who seems to have remained grounded even after becoming such a major superstar. My prayers go out to Keith and hope his wifey Nicole will nurse him back to a speedy recovery. Everyone in Nashville will be looking forward to seeing Keith at his annual "All For The Hall" benefit concert for the Country Music Hall Of Fame and Museum.